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MDS Senior Fitness is not just a fitness website for everyone. We’re a specialized fitness provider aimed specifically for the 55 or older population tailored for exertion, strength, balance and range of motion. We feel that other programs are focused on and taught by younger people that don’t face the same limitations. That’s why we’ve developed courses for seniors by seniors that understand how these programs help build and maintain a healthy level of fitness to improve your quality of life.

Meet the Trainers

MDS Senior Fitness has some of the best trainers around that truly know how to develop fitness around Senior needs. Get acquainted with our trainers below with a short introduction video:




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Stay Healthy

As a member, you can continue to access all of our videos, but more importantly you have a gateway to ongoing fitness, strength training, and mobility development through our ongoing live classes. We’re also adding new classes every month to our video collection, so you will have plenty of opportunities to develop and maintain a more healthy lifestyle.

As you progress and develop more strength, balance and mobility, you naturally begin to do more and enjoy a higher quality of life. Our goal is to provide a platform to foster lasting healthy life changes that you can continue and be consistent with.



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